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FLOW Is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for managing organizations financially and administratively from accounts, sales, stores, points of sale, and human resources management.

FLOW is a Smart Cloud Business Solutions that provides your business with unlimited scalability, better use of resources and maximum efficiency.

FLOW Comply with Egypt Taxation rules with Unlimited number of monthly invoices.

FLOW is offered as a subscription based services that is paid periodically which allow the beneficiary businesses to work with this expanse as an operational expanse while lowering the entry point to such technology

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30+ Years Experience In Innovative Enterprise Management Software!

We are a global development, consulting, and technology service organization with exceptional. Throughout our history we have a proven track record of many satisfied customers over different technologies.



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ERP system flow

Flow (ERP)

Flow is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for organizations that are built around increasing the business user’s productivity.

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Integration with the tax authority

The Egyptian Tax Authority has implemented the electronic invoice system. Microsystems has established the system to be Comply with Egypt Taxation rules

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human resources

HCone ( HR )

HCone is a specialized program that provides you with an integrated system for managing human resources with its branches from salary management and personnel affairs

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Food & Beverage

As an owner of a restaurant, really need a "Technology Partner" that you can rely on, and for this reason we have established the restaurant management system "Rock"!

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Cinema Booking System

Reservation Management
( Seat Master )

The entertainment industry includes cinemas and theaters that needs a proper reservation system that deals with seating arrangements, segmentation and party schedules, SeatMaster is a system designed to do all of this.

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ERP for Mining and Quarrying Manufacturing Industry

( Stone )

Microsystems provide a complete solution for your quarry business, With modules devised and developed specifically for the stone, macadam & concrete industry.

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Construction ERP (enterprise resource planning) software

Construction & Contracting

Microsystems Contracting Logix industry vertical addresses these needs through building on top of a very powerful back office processes.

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A car parking system

Parking Management
( Easy Park )

Garage management requires rapid and fast responses to the situations and circumstances in real time.

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A car parking system

Fleet Management
( Track and manage vehicles )

Manage vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and tasks effortlessly.

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we are using cloud-based services for their efficient capabilities, and flexibility. For large-scale enterprises, the cloud removes technical workloads. The Cloud also improves performance and efficiency in different departments.

Microsystems SaaS enables you to:

  • Ease of access at any time and from anywhere connected to the Internet
  • Expansion of demand
  • Pay as you go




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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a platform companies use to manage and integrate the essential parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are critical to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all the processes needed to run their companies with a single system.

An ERP system allows you to collect, store, and analyze data across your operations in one centralized location, providing a single source of truth and the visibility to act more strategically. That centralized data enables a business to access real-time information and generate more useful reports.

88% of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to succeed.. 62.7% of organizations go with cloud-based ERP systems over on-premise software. Only 5% of organizations use their ERP effectively to create and augment high-quality data, which is key to effective analytics and insights.